Graphic patterns and embroidery - right in time

There is a growing interest in embroidery! Embroidery combines creativity and relaxation in an unusually pleasant way. A piece of hand embroidery can be carried with you wherever you are and you only have to sit down to enjoy it for a moment while you work a few stitches. Our need to surround ourselves with beautiful and natural things and a driving force to do things ourselves is probably a major factor in the growing popularity of embroidery. It is a joy to see how a piece of embroidery develops. And the result of your work can be enjoyed by yourself as well as by generations to come. With embroidery the journey is as important as the goal. Brew yourself a cup of tea, curl up in your favourite corner and treat yourself to a moment of creativity and relaxation!


• All the material you need for the embroidery.

• Pattern.

• Printed manual.



Produced by:  Wikinggruppen