I'm Renee Rudebrant and I run Crafts 24.

My journey here has not been plain sailing:

Already in my early years I wanted to become an artist and designer. Textile attracted me the most. Textile has many unique characteristics. From sketch to thought it takes a certain time until an artwork or a product is finished and the fact that there is a certain timeline is what I like about creating.

I started with weaving tapestries but found that I was too restricted to create while travelling. Then I started to embroider. You can take an embroidery bag with a few accessories anywhere. On the plane, on the train, sometimes in the car. When you have to sit in waiting rooms or before meetings, it can be nice to take out your embroidery bag and continue with your embroidery.

My expression has become abstract geometric shapes that can be combined in a form and a relationship to each other. My colours of choice are strict and more on the sobre side rather than too many colours and motley characters.

I have always been more or less in a creative phase. I see possibilities and graphic patterns I see across the world trigger me.

As a creativer person you often have many things going on in your head and have many ideas. This is how I thought of creating a website around my embroidery designs. In addition I don’t find many designs today that are very nice.




With Crafts 24 I want to give you:

- Simple graphic designs that I am myself fond of

- Nice and functional finished products that you may enjoy for many years to come

- High quality materials as a basis for embroidery and thread

When you put so much effort in your work you also need to evaluate the material or tool you are using. 
Treat yourself to some time for embroidery! And welcome to follow Crafts24, on my blog and on Facebook.