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Sjysta Sjalar

Sjysta sjalar is a Fair Trade project.

The idea behind Sjysta sjalar is collaboration with women's groups, working with knitting projects in the developing countries.

Sjysta sjalar was born via a school that works with a project for lone mothers in Tanzania. I was visiting the school for a few months teaching them how to knit when we together developed the idea about knitted shawls. The shawls are mainly knitted using leftover wool yarns. This makes for totally unique products, where no shawl looks the same as the other.

The project is expanding and I have also started a collaboration with a women's group in Bolivia.


This is how the women are paid for their work: When they collect the yarn required for a set number of shawls that they have chosen to knit, they receive half the agreed payment in advance. When they return to hand in the knitted shawls, they receive the remaining half of the payment per shawl. Together we decide each year what is a fair price per shawl. When we then sell the shawls, part of the profit goes back to the women who themselves as a group decide on how to allocate the funds.